Mrs Bennet was quite depressed when Lydia and Wickham left Longbourn to travel north to Newcastle. But soon Mrs Philips brought the happy news that Mr Bingley was expected to return to Netherfield in a day or two, and Mrs Bennet became very excited. She made preparations to invite him to dinner, and counted the days that must pass before she could send the invitation.

解析:depressed 沮丧的、萧条的
eg: What do you do when you feel really low and depressed?

However, on only the third morning after his arrival, she caught sight of him from her bedroom window, riding towards Longbourn House, with another gentleman, also on horseback.

解析:catch sight of 看到、发现、感觉到
If you ever catch sight of Ted anywhere, call the police.

'Girls! Quickly!' she cried. 'Mr Bingley is coming! And who's that with him? It must be Mr Darcy, that tall, proud man. Well, as he is Mr Bingley's friend, we must be polite to him, but I must say, I hate the sight of him.'

Both Jane and Elizabeth felt uncomfortable, and sympathized with each other. Jane was nervous about meeting Bingley again, and determined not to show her feelings. Elizabeth was uneasy at the thought of seeing Darcy, as she was the only one who knew how much the whole family owed him, in spite of their general dislike of him. She was astonished that he had come to see her, and for a moment she allowed herself to hope that his affection and wishes might still be the same.

解析:uncomfortable 不舒服的、不安的
eg:There was an uncomfortable silence in classroom.

determine 决定、下决心
eg:He determined that he would travel to New York this summer holiday.