Their packing was done at great speed, and soon they were in the carriage, driving south.

解析:speed 作名词意思是速度、快速;作动词有加速、使……繁荣的意思
eg: My typing speed is 100 English words per minute.

[en'‘Lizzy.' began Mrs Gardiner, 'I cannot believe that Wickham's character is so bad that he would run away with Lydia, and not marry her. Do you really think he is capable of that?'


解析:run away 逃跑、跑掉、私奔
eg: The thief had run away when the policemen came.

'My dear aunt, Jane and I both know that he has neither honesty nor honour. He has falsely accused Mr Darcy, and has lied wickedly about the whole Darcy family. You saw what a shy, gentle girl Miss Darcy is, but he had described her as proud, disagreeable and disdainful.'

解析:disdainful 傲慢的、目中无人的、轻蔑的
eg: They cast disdainful glances at her as they passed, then hurried on.

'But does Lydia know nothing of this?'

'Oh, no! That is the worst of all. I didn't know the truth myself until my visit to Kent, and when I returned, and told Jane, she and I decided not to make our knowledge public. Now I know that was a mistake. I never thought that Lydia could be in any danger from him.'

When they arrived at Longbourn, Elizabeth and her aunt were able to help Jane in looking after the children. They also attempted to calm Mrs Bennet, who, however, refused to be calmed, and blamed everyone except herself for the disaster.

解析:blame 责备、归咎于
eg: I don't blame you for being angry.