When asked about the question of idols,the overwhelming majority of most answer that “Yes”.Nowadays ,idol worship is a popular phenomenon among young people.In my opinion ,idol worship is like a coin has two sides,there is a positive aspect and a negative aspect .

      There are some positive aspects .Idols are our excellent examples ,we can learn the spirit of never give up from their life.The idols’ works can help us relaxing the pressure.In contrast ,idol worship is a not good phenomenon.Many young people will spend too much money to buy the HOBBY(明星周边) in order to support the idols.Once there is a chance for them to meet their idols,they will go at all costs and forget about their study or work.What’s more,some of them make the cosmetic surgery to look like the idol he or she likes.
     There is a standard when we were a fan,we should in our senses.Young people should learn to explore the real factors of stars’ success and get self-improvement by learning from their idols.