Gordon Willis has died aged 82.

The cinematographer served as director of photography for The Godfather, Annie Hall and Manhattan.

“This is a momentous loss,” American Society of Cinematographers President Richard Crudo told Deadline. “He was one of the giants who absolutely changed the way movies looked.”
“这是一个很大的损失,”美国电影摄影师协会主席Richard Crudo说道,“他是摄影界的巨匠之一,是他改变了电影的观感。”

His style was characterised by his ability to use shadow and underexposed film, and his preference for filming just before twilight – when light is often warm and golden. Fellow cinematographer Conrad Hall consequently dubbed him the “Prince of Darkness”.
威利斯的风格在于他擅长运用阴影和降低电影曝光的能力,他偏爱的影片光感就是黄昏前的感觉——光线很温暖,金黄。他的电影摄影技师Conrad Hall因此将他誉为“黑暗王子”。

Although is perhaps best known for his work on The Godfather, he most extensively worked with Allen – with whom he made eight films, including The Purple Rose of Cairo, Interiors, Stardust Memories and Broadway Danny Rose.