Fair-labor organizers, and , delivered 250,000 signatures to Apple stores in six cities around the world on Thursday in protest of the company’s working conditions in China, according to a report in Mashable.
根据新闻博客Mashable的报道,周四,呼吁公平劳动的Sum of Us和等社会团体前往美国苹果专卖店,递交了一份25万人联名签字的请愿书。请愿签字的苹果粉丝来自全球6个城市。

Last month, an excellent New York Times exposé ripped at Apple’s core, building on previous concerns about abuses at firms that Apple uses to make its bestselling iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.
上月,美国《纽约时报》发表头条文章,披露苹果公司在iPhone, iPad和Mac电脑畅销的辉煌背后,是海外工厂剥削工人的事实真相。

The claims should be familiar by now as Foxconn in southern China, one of Apple’s primary suppliers, has repeatedly been the subject of accusations of worker mistreatment and unsafe working conditions.

Foxconn has been accused of making laborers work long hours without breaks, use dangerous chemicals that have caused severe health problems and exposing workers to dangerous conditions. The repetitive work and spartan living conditions have also been to blame for suicides at the factory.

Charlotte Hill, communications manager at , pleaded with Apple to use its creativity to “think ethically” and create an iPhone without using factories that have harsh working conditions.
的联系负责人Charlotte Hill 呼吁苹果公司利用好自己的创意,从道德的角度切实思考,创造出不用在这些工作条件恶劣的海外工厂生产的iPhone手机。

“No iPhone is worth that cost,” she said.

At the same time, Apple has also generated billions of dollars in profits, in part due to the cheapness of Chinese labor. (Revenue last quarter surged 74 percent to a record US$46.3 billion and profit more than doubled to US$13.1 billion, blowing away Wall Street's expectations as Apple sold more stuff than in any quarter in its history.)

The Mashable report comes as rumors point to Siri, the much lauded iPhone 4S intelligent personal assistant, adding Mandarin Chinese support next month.
Mashable的调查报道正发表在Siri流言喧嚣尘下之际。业内流传iPhone 4S的智能人工助理Siri下月开始将增加普通话支持。