Smile singer Lily Allen had two reasons to beam from ear to ear today – as her new husband told guests at their wedding reception that she is at least 12 weeks pregnant.

Overjoyed Sam Cooper revealed the news in front of friends and family after the 26-year-old bride showed off a small bump in a vintage-inspired lace wedding gown by French designer Delphine Manivet.
超级开心的Sam Cooper 在朋友们面前宣布了这个消息,随后这位26岁的新娘也穿着法国设计师Delphine Manivet打造的复古蕾丝礼服秀了下自己的小腹。

Friends who witnessed Lily marry builder Sam, 33, say she is ‘ecstatic’ to be expecting again, following two devastating miscarriages.

Lily, whose son was stillborn in November, six months into her pregnancy, has made no secret of her desire to settle down and start a family.

‘Lily is pregnant and she is marrying the man of her dreams. She is truly over the moon and so ecstatically happy she has shed tears of joy,’ a source revealed. ‘We have all been hoping and praying for good news and this is the best news ever.’

Ms Manivet, who is based in Paris, said: ‘It’s beautiful that she is pregnant, and I am very happy for her.’

She added: ‘You can see, of course, the little stomach – it looked very cute with the dress.’

The singer is said to be taking things slowly, given her medical history.

Lily and Mr Cooper have not signed a pre-nuptial agreement, despite her estimated £6million fortune. The singer told friends she had no intention of signing an ‘unromantic agreement’ with her husband-to-be.