Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe launches not at any theater with a blockbuster, but rather—in a sign-of-the-times development—in the realm of streaming television. Disney+ series WandaVision, brings back Avengers members Vision (Paul Bettany) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) for a madcap serial spinoff; one that will require A LOT of explanation, given their respective fates in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

“漫威电影宇宙”的第四阶段不是在任何剧院高调上映,而是顺应时代发展,在流媒体电视播放。迪士尼+系列《旺达幻视》带来了《复仇者联盟》成员幻视(Paul Bettany)和猩红女巫(Elizabeth Olsen),开展衍生剧的拍摄;但是考虑到《复仇者联盟:无限战争》和《复仇者联盟:残局》中的各自命运,编剧可需要好好圆回来了。

WandaVision, which operates under the creative purview of Captain Marvel writer Jac Schaeffer, now takes point for Phase Four in January, representing a canonical tie-in that’s more solid than contemporary MCU-adjacent small-screen predecessors like ABC’s Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter, along with unceremoniously abandoned Netflix “Street Level” shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher, and The Defenders.

《旺达幻视》由《惊奇队长》的编剧杰克·薛佛(Jac Schaeffer)操刀创作,标志着漫威电影宇宙在1月份进入第四阶段,是漫威系列的经典衍生作品,比此前小屏幕的ABC的《神盾局特工》和《卡特特工》等当代漫威电影宇宙相比更加符合市场,同时毫不客​​气地砍掉了网飞出品的低级漫威剧:《夜魔侠》,《杰西卡·琼斯》,《卢克·凯奇》,《铁拳侠》,《惩罚者》和《捍卫者联盟》。


How Many Episodes is WandaVision?



WandaVision will run for nine episodes between January 15 and March 12.


Interestingly, the notion of the reality-altering WandaVision serving as the introduction to Phase Four of the MCU was far from the original plan—that honor was originally designated for big screen solo offering Black Widow, which would have been nearly a year old by now had it not been for the worldwide dilatory effect of COVID-19 on anything and everything. Indeed, WandaVision—itself delayed from a December 2020 window—wasn’t even supposed to be the first Marvel series to hit Disney+, since The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was originally planned as the MCU’s inaugural Disney+ original, initially set for an August 2020 premiere (it is now scheduled for March 19).


有趣的是,本来并不打算把《旺达幻视》作为漫威宇宙电影第四阶段的标志电影——这一殊荣本该是院线上映的《黑寡妇》。如果不是新冠疫情对全球的影响,到现在已经有将近一年的历史了。确实,《旺达幻视》(自2020年12月开始推迟)甚至不应该成为第一个登上Disney +的漫威电影,因为最初打算将《猎鹰》和《冬日战士》作为漫威宇宙电影在Disney +的首秀,定于2020年8月首映(如今改为3月19日首映)。