Doesn’t Christy Chung’s 21-Year-Old Daughter Look Just Like Her?

She doesn’t look old enough to have a 21-year-old daughter but ’90s sex symbol Christy Chung is used to defying conventions. The 48-year-old’s eldest daughter Yasmine recently celebrated the milestone by posting a series of photos on her Weibo, along with this caption: “Today, I turned 21. I don’t know how I feel but I know I am happy. I thank all of you for your birthday messages.”
她看起来并没有大到有一个21岁的女儿,但是90年代的性象征钟丽缇习惯于违背惯例。 这位48岁女神的长女Yasmine最近通过她的微博上发布一系列照片以及标题“今天,我已经21岁了。我不知道自己的心情,但我知道我很高兴。 我感谢大家的生日信息。”来庆祝这一里程碑。

Yasmine, who is said to be studying film in Vancouver, is Christy’s child with her first ex-husband British businessman Glen Ross. The couple got married in 1998 but split four years later. The Pan-Asian and selfie-loving (at that age, who isn’t?) Yasmine first caught the eye of netizens who waxed lyrical about how she had inherited her mum’s beauty.
据说正在温哥华学习电影的Yasmine是钟丽缇和第一个前夫英国商人Glen Ross的孩子。 这对夫妇于1998年结婚,但四年后分居。泛亚人和自拍爱好者(在那个年龄,谁不是?)的雅斯敏首先吸引了网民的眼球,他们纷纷抒情地讲述她是如何继承了妈妈的美貌。

Last year, she made the news again when she revealed that her Chinese name is Zhang Min Jun, meaning to say that she had taken the surname of Christy’s third and current husband, Chinese actor Zhang Lunshuo. Prior to that, her Chinese name was Yen Shu Qin, a name that was given to her by Christy and her second ex-husband, music producer Jon Yen.

Christy and Jon got hitched in 2003 and that marriage lasted eight years. They have two daughters Jaden, 10, and Cayla, eight, and Christy reportedly has custody of the kids.

Lunshuo with his girls[/en

[en]Lunshuo has since become a father figure to the two girls and they are said to be very, very close to the 36-year-old actor. Not only do they call him ‘dad’, like Yasmine, they’ve also taken his surname.


Jaden and Cayla are also stars in their own right, especially the latter who shot to fame when she appeared with Lunshuo on the fourth season of uber-popular Chinese reality TV show Where Are We Going? Dad.

Christy & Lunshuo's wedding

Lunshuo, who is 12 years Christy’s junior, met the actress in 2015 on Chinese dating show Perhaps Love and ended up dating for real. A year later, they tied the knot and held a wedding that reportedly cost S$1.8mil. Sadly, the couple’s age difference has proved to be an issue, not for the lovebirds, but for people who just can’t seem get off their high horses when it comes to an older woman dating a much younger man. But Christy and Lunshuo have taken the criticisms in their stride. At their wedding, Christy got everyone cheering when she said to her groom, “In our next life, can you marry me sooner?”

The Chinese press has since dubbed them the ‘Mermaid Couple’, which is a reference to Christy’s most famous role as a mermaid who falls in love with Ekin Cheng in the 1994 Hongkong rom-com classic Mermaid Got Married.The couple lurve being called the 'Mermaid Couple' and even hashtag their Weibo posts with the nickname. Heck, they've even done a photoshoot dressed as, yup, mermaids.

The couple are now trying for a fourth kid. Christy revealed last year that she is undergoing IVF treatments after news outlets splashed photos of the star looking fuller-figured than usual. She explained that the treatments could have caused her weight gain and revealed that she now has newfound understanding for women who find it hard to conceive. She also responded to comments that she has “grown fat and old” by saying that she is willing to accept the criticisms ’cos she is determined to have a child to “complete [her] and [her] husband’s lives.”And how did Lunshuo take to those nasty comments about his wife's weight gain? “Actually, I think you look just right. To be healthy is the most important. I love you.”

While everyone is supportive of Christy and Lunshuo’s efforts to try for a kid, Yasmine reportedly has her concerns. According to , the 21-year-old is worried that the age difference between her mum and her yet-to-be conceived sibling might create too big a generation gap.