She might be working on her 50th birthday, but Jennifer Aniston has every reason to smile.

As she arrived on the set of her new Apple TV series on Monday morning, both her ex-husbands showed their admiration for the star.
周一早上,当她到达她的新Apple TV系列剧集的拍摄现场时,她的两任前夫都对这位明星表达生日的祝福。

Following Brad Pitt's shock arrival at her star-studded birthday bash on Saturday night, it was Justin Theroux's turn on Monday - with the Leftovers star sharing a heartfelt tribute to his former love on social media.
继周四晚上布拉德皮特在她星光熠熠的生日派对的惊喜登场之后,星期一轮到了贾斯丁索鲁 - 剩下的明星们在社交媒体上向珍妮佛表示衷心祝福。

And Jennifer obviously appreciated the outpouring of love.

The fresh-faced Friends star couldn't have looked happier in her casual outfit of black trousers and a long-sleeved sweater, smiling as she walked onto The Morning Show's sunny Los Angeles set.

She stars in the new web series alongside Reese Witherspoon - who joined the many famous guests celebrating at Jen's A-list shindig on Saturday night.

Indeed it seemed she celebrated a little too hard - she was filmed falling down the stairs in front of the paparazzi as she left the bash, looking a little worse for wear.
事实上,珍妮佛的庆祝有点过头 - 当她离开时,她被狗仔队拍到从前面的楼梯掉下来,场面看起来有点糟糕。

Brad, from whom Jennifer was married to for five years before their split in 2005, made a more low-key entrance and exit