Just like acting or singing, trolling is a performance art and to get good at it you need to practice. In this regard, celebrities have it pretty good. The paparazzi follow them around everywhere they go, so they get plenty of chances to improve this super important life skill. But that's not all. We have compiled a list of images, proving that fans provide famous people with numerous opportunities to show off their sense of humor as well!

I mean, would you think that Danny DeVito would just ignore a girl who took a cardboard cutout of him to prom? Or why wouldn't Beyonce make taking pictures with her admirers something fun? She's posing for at least seventeen million a day, so why not make the most out of it? Scroll down to check out how celebrities are trolling their fans daily and upvote your favorite gags.


1 .Girl Takes Cardboard Cutout Of Danny Devito To Prom, So Danny Devito Takes Cardboard Cutout Of Her To Paddy’s Pub.


2. Guy Wanted To Take A Pic In Front Of Microsoft Sign, But Then Bill Gates Happened.


3. Sandwich Shop Offers Liam Neeson Free Food, Liam Neeson Shows Up.


4 .Obama Posing For A Photo With A Young Boy Who Had Fallen Asleep During The Father's Day Ice Cream Social.


5.Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Fans As The Terminator Wax Figure.


6.Friend Met Beyonce In New Orleans, She Said "Whatever Face You Make, I'll Make."


7.Tom Hanks Was More Than Willing To Take Pictures With "Drunk" Fans.


8.Friend Of Mine Took An Epic Picture With Elijah Wood.


9.He Met Bill Murray.
他见到了比尔· 默瑞。


10 .My Friend Sent Some Fan-Mail To Tom Hanks On A Whim. The (Quick!) Reply She Got Was...


11.The Rock Photobombs A Fan!
道恩· 强森乱入粉丝照片。


12 .Chris Pratt Posted These Pics To His Instagram After Fans Asked Him To Hang Out With Jennifer Lawrence.


13.So Johnny Depp Is Walking Around South East Queensland Dressed As Jack Sparrow. Local Police Posted This Selfie.


14.A Buddy Of Mine Met Fabio, It's All Down Hill From Here...


15.Elijah Wood Faceplanted My Boobs Today!


16 .So Annoying When People Photobomb My Selfies


17. I Do This Fun Lil' Thing When Adults And Kids Ask Me To Sign The Back Of Their T-Shirts.. I Flip The Sharpie Around And Pretend To Write On The Back Of Their Heads And Necks.


18. An Epic Photo Bomb By Ken Jeong


19 We Got Photobombed By Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman From Breaking Bad) At Coachella。


20 Cole Sprouse Dedicated A Whole Instagram Account To His Fans, Who Secretly Take Photos Of Him.