Life doesn't come with an instruction manual so we do our best to move through it with grace. Just like the following 8 transformational truths, these are more of the lessons we learn (and forget) along our journeys.

1. Longing is another form of Divine instruction.

Too often we deem our desires to be frivolous. Those of the ego we can live without. However, there is a knowing that resides much deeper. Needs of the soul require attention if you're to ever know peace.

2. Situations are neutral. People are not.

While we may or may not be directly responsible for what life hands to us, we are absolutely in control of how we respond to it. Two people can have polar opposite reactions to the same situation. Interpretations of experience are internally driven.

3. Mistakes are tools for calibration.

We're often hard on ourselves and other people. Yet, we know that getting things right the first time is a long shot. The real mistake is in neglecting to extract the lessons. Learning as you go is what life is all about, no?

4. A much-needed message may come from a much-disliked messenger.

It's hard to hear the truth from individuals you don't like. However, in dismissing all of what they have to say, you may miss a gem or two.

5. Fear is an invitation to rise. Accept the call.

Barring life-threatening situations, fear often points us in the direction of our next big leap. Reframe it as an indicator of potential growth as opposed to a sign of peril.

6. Your beliefs may be your prison. Re-evaluate.

Beliefs can come from many sources of influence and we can adopt them without thought. Though experience may teach us otherwise, many opt to disregard it and retain the unchecked belief. That's a dangerous and very limited space to live within.

7. The only thing security guarantees is stagnancy.

The quest for security often keeps us trapped in situations we don’t enjoy. And as miserable as it may be, the known is so seductive. Keep in mind that the unknown is ripe with possibility.

8. Sometimes who you are being is not who you are.

We often take on identities out of practicality or the expectations of others. Then, one day we wake up and don’t recognize the person in the mirror. Are you getting to be the real you?