What makes us human are the emotions we experience on a regular basis. But that's not necessarily a bad thing -- it's actually what makes life valuable.

Below are 11 feelings that you should experience at some point in your life:

1. The feeling when you travel to a new place.
1. 去新鲜的地方旅游的感觉

There are few things more exhilarating than exploring uncharted territory, whether it's in another country or in your own city.

2. The feeling after laughing so hard your stomach hurts.
2. 笑到胃痛的感觉

Laughter truly is the best medicine. Studies suggest it can boost your immune system, lower blood pressure and, yes, increase your happiness levels.

3. The feeling when someone says "I love you."
3. 有人对你说:“我爱你”的感觉。

It doesn't matter if it's coming from your significant other, your parents or your best friend: Love is a biologically wired mind-body experience. It's the one feeling that's completely universal.

4. The feeling when someone is kind to you.
4. 被善待的感觉

Pay it forward and keep the cycle going.

5. The feeling after speaking your mind.
5. 大声表达自己看法的感觉

Research suggests over-thinking can not only make you more stressed but stand in the way of even performing simple tasks. You have every right to express your thoughts and opinions. State them clearly and with conviction.

6. The feeling when someone just gets you.
6. 有人懂你的感觉

You know the one: The peanut butter to your jelly. The Harry Potter to your Ron Weasley.There are few feelings greater than knowing you found your person.

7. The feeling of heartbreak.
7. 心碎的感觉

It's impossible to go through life just experiencing fluffy feelings. There are gritty parts, too, including all-consuming heartache. However, those are also the moments when we learn the most about ourselves.

8. The feeling when you're cuddling a cute pet.
8. 抱抱可爱宠物的感觉

Pets make you happier and healthier. If you want to know what unconditional love is, spend some time with a dog and you'll see what I mean.

9. The feeling after waking up from a really good night's sleep.
9. 舒适睡到自然醒的感觉

Sleep is for the strong. Waking up well-rested allows you to tackle your day with ease and enthusiasm.

10. The feeling of success.
10. 成功的感觉

Doesn't matter if it's small or big, you deserve to feel a sense of accomplishment. Research shows it will help you stay accountable.

11. The feeling of being alone.
11. 独处的感觉

That's not to be confused with loneliness. There's solace to be found in being by yourself and enjoying your own company. Alone time is healthy for your mental well-being. Why wouldn't you want to hang out with yourself?