Describe a famous city in China.
You should say:
  where the city is
  why it is important
  whether you visited it before
and explain whether you think it will be better in the future.

Hints:  the Star Ferry
In my view, the most striking thing about Hong Kong is the people. No doubt about it. So many talented people work in this city. Not just the movie stars and the super singers, but gifted people in almost every area. Finance, business, arts, name it. Another thing that's really amazing about this metropolis is, of course, the skyscrapers. It's fascinating how such a tiny island accommodates so many vast buildings. Hong Kong has the most beautiful skyline in the world, hands down. And the view of Hong Kong Island is breathtaking, especially when you take the Star Ferry across the Victorian Harbour. Hong Kong is a mecca for fashion lovers like me coz there's always name-brand stuff on sale. Actually, I just returned from Hong Kong last week. Its economy was kind of in a slump and people were complaining about that. But it's still one of the best places to live in the world.