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概括:The report marks the first time that scientists have produced direct evidence that human embryonic stem cells may have helped a patient. The cells had only previously been tested in the laboratory or in animals.
Steven Schwartz
Sue Freeman
Advanced Cell Technology
"One day I looked down and I could see my watch, which I wear it even though, because I like jewelry. So, I always wear it, but I probably hadn't seen it in about a year and a half or two. And I could see. That was exciting for me. And I remember saying: Oh, my goodness. I can see my watch. I can actually tell time." UCLA's Steven Schwartz is pretty confident that the graphic artist might really have gotten better because of the cells. When his team examines her treated eye, they can actually see the transplanted cells thriving. He's a little less certain about Sue Freeman. At first, he suspected the placebo effect, and he's worried about raising expectations too high, too fast. "And my job is to decrease suffering. And if we overstate this and raise hopes falsely and then it doesn't work out, it will hurt people rather than help them." The company that made the cells, Advanced Cell Technology, has the OK to treat a total of 24 patients in the United States and 12 in the United Kingdom. Clearly, they have a lot more work to do to make sure the cells are safe, let alone establish that they are really working. After all, the results they have so far come from just two patients. Schwartz plans to treat a third patient on Tuesday. And doctors in London have started injecting cells into patients there last week.
一天,我低头能看见我当时戴着的手表,因为我喜欢首饰,所以我一直戴着它,但我可能已经有一年半或两年没见过它了。我能看见了,这对我来说很兴奋。我记得当时说:“噢,天啦,我能看到我的手表,我还能说出时间呢。 UCLA的Steven Schwartz非常确信这位平面艺术家的视力由于胚胎肝细胞而变好了。当他的团队检查她的眼睛,他们能够看到移植的细胞很有活力。他对Sue Freeman有一点不那么确定。一开始,他怀疑是安慰剂效应,他担心对治疗期望得太好,太快了。 ”我的工作是减少痛苦。如果我们夸大了治疗效果,给病人错误的期望,而实际治疗并没有成功,这将会伤害到病人,而不会帮到他们。 制造这些细胞的公司,Advanced Cell Company,拥有治疗24位美国病人和12为英国病人的许可。显然,为证明这些细胞的安全性,他们还有很多工作要做,更不用说证明细胞的疗效。毕竟,他们至今所拥有的结果仅仅来源于两位病人。 Schwartz计划周四治疗第三位病人。而伦敦的医生已经在上周开始向病人体内注射细胞。 ——译文来自: 阿沐eng