1.【CRI新闻】系列听写,选用中国国际广播之声(China Radio International)的相关国际新闻内容。
2.本期新闻摘要: 第四届全国金融工作大会 中方高度重视非洲人民的利益 美加强亚太地区军事部署 穆巴拉克死刑 菲律宾山崩救援 韩国就韩朝关系发出相对积极信号 春运启动现客流最高峰

China holds 4th national financial work conference
China's 4th National Financial Work Conference opens today.The two-day meeting will focus on the issue of financial risk in the post economic crisis era. There could also be discussion about the creation of a state-run financial watchdog. The new body would____1____ . The conference is convened every five years since 1997, and is widely seen as an event that sets the tone for financial reform.
China attaches importance to Africa's concerns, interests: FM
Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi says China will, as always, attach importance to Africa's concerns and interests.Speaking of his three-nation African tour, Yang Jiechi says the visit has ____2____.The Chinese foreign minister is in Namibia for a three-day visit. He has held talks with Namibian Prime Minister Nahas Angula and Foreign Minister Utomi Nujoma.Yang Jiechi also traveled to Cote d'Ivoire and Niger.
U.S. to strengthen military presence in Asia-Pacific despite fiscal constraints: Obama
U.S. President Barack Obama has pledged to strengthen the U.S. military presence in the Asia- Pacific region, despite his country's fiscal constraints. The ____3____.Describing the Asia-Pacific theatre as a "critical region," Obama says budget reductions for US military spending will not impact the White House's role in the area.The Defense Strategic Review will guide more than 450 billion dollars in defense budget cuts over the next 10 years.As part of the changes, Obama is vowing to also focus more on intelligence gathering.
Prosecutors seek death penalty for Mubarak
Prosecutors at the trial of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak are now demanding the death penalty for the former leader.Mubarak and ten others are____4____ .More than 800 protesters were reportedly killed during the 18-day revolt which led to Mubarak's ouster in February.Mubarak's trial has been adjourned to Monday.
Search continuing for Philippine landslide missing
Rescuers are continuing to search for up to 150 people thought to be missing after a landslide struck a mining village in the southern Philippines.At least 25 bodies have been recovered from the rubble, following the landslide in Pantukan, on Mindanao Island.The area was home to miners prospecting for gold. ____5____ . A nearby village was also hit by a landslide last year that left 14 people dead.
DPRK media calls reunification top priority task
North Korea's official news agency is appealing for the reunification of Korea.In a commentary, the KCNA news says national reunification is the fixed will of the Workers' Party of Korea and the government, and is the biggest task late leader Kim Jong Il left to the current generation. The commentary calls upon all Koreans____6____ .
China's railways to carry 235 mln people during Spring Festival
China's railways are expected to carry 235 million passengers during the 40-day Chinese New Year travel rush that begins this weekend.The Ministry of Railways says the figure is up 6.1 percent over the previous year.The ministry has____7____ .Railway authorities have long been under pressure to increase capacity and improve ticketing services, as many citizens find it extremely hard to secure a single ticket during major holidays.
答案:centralize the oversight of a wide range of state-owned financial assets, most of which are currently supervised by different government institutions achieved the goal of enhancing political mutual trust, promoting practical cooperation and carrying forward traditional friendship revelation was unveiled as part of a revised national defense strategy being tried in Cairo on charges of ordering the killing of demonstrators during the unrest last year Unregulated mining activities have made the mountain area unstable and caused a series of accidents in the north and the south and abroad to step up efforts to achieve reunification arranged for extra trains but admitted that passenger demand still outweighs railway capacity