People with diabetes may have to endure multiple, painful finger sticks every day to get blood samples for testing. But a new glucose test may do away with the pain even as it brings on the tears. Because the test uses tears instead of blood to measure glucose levels. The report is in the journal Analytical Chemistry.
Researchers at the University of Michigan studied glucose in rabbits. They found that glucose levels are much lower in tears than in blood, but the difference is consistent. They thus aim to develop a sensitive enough system to detect sugar levels in tears.
But why are researchers going to all this trouble just so people with diabetes can avoid a pinprick?
But the pain of jabbing a finger with a needle over and over keeps some patients from the frequent testing they need. With a pain-free test, that deterrent would vanish, making blood sugar tests a lot sweeter.
In order to best control their glucose levels and prevent complications like kidney failure or limb amputation, some diabetics should be testing their blood multiple times a day.
泪糖代替血糖? 糖尿病患者每天都不得不忍受多次疼痛的指尖针刺,以便取得测血糖的样本。 但一项新的葡萄糖检测也许能免除这种痛苦,因为它的样本将采自患者的眼泪。这项研究已经发表在《分析化学杂志》上。 密歇根大学的研究人员们对兔子体内的含糖量进行了相关研究。他们发现在泪水中的葡萄糖含量远低于血液中的,但是其间差异却保持一致。因此他们目前正致力于开发一种新的足够敏感的检测系统以便能探测到泪水中的糖含量。 但是,为什么研究人员们的这项研究会使糖尿病人能避免针刺困扰呢? 原因如下,为了更好的控制糖尿病患者的血糖含量,阻止像肾衰竭或截肢这类糖尿病常见的并发症,一部分糖尿病患者必须每天多次检测他们的血糖含量。这种每天频繁的针刺采血样使得一部分患者望而生畏,这样不利于控制血糖含量,还会增加危险。如果开发出了这种“无痛检测”,那么他们这种恐惧就会烟消云散了,对他们喊:“测血糖啦”,也许也会变得悦耳些了吧。 --------------------by hyjtb 糖尿病的常见并发症 肾衰竭和截肢。 大家要小心与饮食和生活习惯有关的II型糖尿病哦~~