The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but try telling that to electrons: when current flows down a wire, these particles zig and zag, moving indirectly from one end to the other. But now researchers have sped single ____1____ straight to their destinations using sound. The work is in the journal Nature. [Rob McNeil et al., "On-demand single-electron transfer between distant quantum dots"]

An electron’s quantum state carries information, making it important for a viable ____2____computer. As the particle staggers down a wire, however, its state loses coherence—the electron “forgets” the information it carried.

To make it travel more efficiently, researchers ____3____ a short burst of sound at an electron trapped in an energy well. The sound wave “lifted” the electron, speeding it directly towards an empty well. Once it reached its destination, a sound burst from the opposite direction sent the electron back to its original location.

This discovery is a step toward quantum computing, which requires the controlled transfer of single electrons. But it could also have another ____4____ : electron ping-pong. Researchers have bounced an electron back and forth up to 60 times. Nice nano-rally.
electrons quantum blasted application
也许两点间直线最短,所以,科学家们想利用这个道理来做以下实验:当电流划过一根电线时,小电子们磕磕绊绊几经周折才由一头流向另一头,那么科学家们就想利用声波将单电子加速,让它们以直线从一头运动到另一头。这项实验著作已经在《自然》期刊上发表。【Rob McNeil等人,“受控单电子在量子点间的移动”】 一个电子的量子态携带着信息,这对制造量子计算机是十分重要的。当电子在电线上移动时,会失去其连贯性——也就是说,他们在运动过程中丢失了所携带的信息。 为了使电子的运动效率提高,研究者对困在势中的电子加了一个短促的冲击声波。这个声波推动电子,使电子沿着空势阱直线加速。每次电子到达重点,反方向的冲击声波又会把电子送回出发点。 这项发现是量子计算旅程的驿站,研究中更需要控制单电子的移动。不过它也有另一项用途:电子乒乓球。研究者已经能让一个电子进行60次上下弹跳,真是不错的纳米拉力赛。