Hi. I’m running. I’m also telling some of my stem cells what to do right now. Well, I probably am, based on a new study with mice.

We have what are called mesenchymal stem cells. This type of stem cell goes on to become either fat or bone. Researchers found out that endurance exercise ___1___ the stem cells to ___2___mature into bone. And having more bone cells means improved blood production, which means a higher oxygen carrying capacity, and better immune reaction and better wound clotting. The research appears in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, commonly known as the FASEB Journal.

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada had mice ___3___ on a treadmill for about an hour three times a week. A ___4___ of mice watched Matlock reruns. Well, they may as well have. They did not work out. And the mice that exercised had way less fat in their bone marrow cavities, and a big increase in blood cells in the marrow and in the ___5___. I don’t like exercising. But I really don’t like fat in my marrow.

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嗨~我在跑步。我也在指挥我的干细胞做正确的事情。这是我从一个在老鼠身上的新研究得知的。 我们有一种间充质干细胞。这个形态的干细胞会同时脂肪化和骨化。研究者发现耐力训练使得干细胞优先成熟并骨化。产生更多骨化细胞意味着造血力的提高,这可以提高运氧能力,并且增强免疫反应和血液凝结力。这个研究发表在《联邦实验生物学》杂志上。 加拿大麦克马斯特大学的研究者做了老鼠实验,他们让老鼠在脚踏车上锻炼,一周三次,每次一个小时。让对照组的老鼠观看马特洛克的重播,这样他们实际上是没有锻炼的。结果得到锻炼的老鼠的骨髓腔中脂肪更少,同时骨髓中和循环系统中的血细胞都增长了。我实在不喜欢运动,但是我也不喜欢骨髓中的脂肪。