1. To have a thing for/about


【例句】I have a thing for/about crop tops. I probably own 20 or so.
            Have a soft spot for sbdy.
            Have a crush on sbdy.

2. To have a thing about


【例句】My mom has a thing about my tattoo. She thinks it’s trashy.



【例句】Her bag and shoes are clashing like no other.

           My brother and I always clash over who should do the dishes.

4.For good


【例句】I’m moving out and leaving you for good!

           How about you stop talking before I punch you in the face and make you shut up for good?

           Oh my god this water pipe has been leaking for ages. Let’s just get a plumber and fix it for good.

5.You have no idea


【例句】You have no idea what it’s like to be a diabetic.

            You have no idea what those diet pills are doing to your body!

            Wow, you look like you haven’t slept in days! - You have no idea.

            You look like the type to torture little animals. - You have no idea