Hello everyone, this is Rosalyn from HJ English. Welcome to Brits vs Yanks, Written by a Brit.

【Spot the Difference 差异点播】

Something that I’ve realized recently while talking to my American friends is that difference of usage in the word ‘pissed’. British people use this word all the time, generally talking about their weekend. Americans have a much different usage however.

【Interaction Time 互动时间 】

Here is a little test for you…. Try to work out the difference in meaning of the word ‘pissed’ from the 2 sentences below.

Brits: “What a night! We started out at Sarah’s house and made some cocktails, then had some drinks at a couple of bars in town. Sarah and I were quite pissed by the end of the night, we couldn’t stop laughing in the taxi on the way home!

Yanks: “My mom is really pissed. She thinks that I could work harder at college, and wants me to spend less time with my friends. She’s mainly pissed that my grades are lower this term!