1.Better luck next time.

1 下次运气更好

2.Come in handy

2 派得上用场

3.First come, first served.

3 先来先招待;捷足先登

4.It's not my day!

4 今天运气真糟

5.That's news to me.

5 这可是新闻呢

6.There's no way to tell.

6 没办法知道

7.Read somebody like an open book.

7 清楚某人心里的想法

8.You've got me there.

8 你考到我了;被你说中了

9.Easy does it.

9 慢慢来;小心一点;别生气了

10.On the tip of one's tongue

10 差一点就说出口;差一点就记起来的

11.The more, the merrier.

11 越多越好

12.Let someone off the hook

12 让某人摆脱麻烦、解脱困境

13.Beside the point

13 离题的;不是重点

14.Burn the candle at both ends

14 白天晚上都要忙;花费很多精力

15.Meet a deadline

15 截稿

16.Out of sight, out of mind

16 眼不见为净;离久情疏

17.Rub someone the wrong way.

17 惹恼某人

18.Stop on one's toes

18 触怒到某人

19.Be fed up with 

19 对……感到厌烦

20.Give credit where credit is due.

20 称赞该被赞美的人

21.Go from bad to worse

21 每况愈下

22.Hit the jackpot

22 中大奖,走运

23.It all depends on what one means by something.

23 看某人对于……是指什么意思

24.Accidentally/on purpose

24 不小心/故意

25.In one's book

25 在某人的字典里;对……而言

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