1.It never rains but it pours.

1 祸不单行

2.Mind your own business.

2 不关你的事儿

3.Hang in there.

3 坚持下去

4.Could be worse

4 可能更糟

5.Money talks.

5 金钱万能

6.Count me out

6 不要算我

7.Go fifty-fifty on something.

7 平分

8.You can say that again! You said it!

8 你说的没错;你说对了

9.Look who's talking!

9 看看你自己吧!

10.It's Greek to me.

10 这我完全不懂

11.Take my word for it.

11 相信我的话

12.Not one's cup of tea.

12 不感兴趣;不合胃口

13.Get real!

13 别闹了;别开玩笑了

14.Head over heels

14 深陷;完全地

15.Suit yourself.

15 随你高兴

16.What's the catch?

16 有什么意图?

17.Let the cat out of bag

17 泄漏秘密

18.Something is touch and go

18 危险的情况;惊险的;一触即发的

19.Beat a dead horse

19 白费劲

20.The sky's the limit.

20 没有限制

21.Once in a blue moon

21 千载难逢;难得一次

22.Be prepared.

22 准备好

23.It's easier said than done.

23 说的比做的简单

24.Have second thoughts

24 考虑一下;犹豫

25.Behind someone's back

25 在某人背后;背着某人