1.It hurts like hell!

1 疼死啦!

2.It can't be helped.

2 无能为力。

3.Sorry to bother you.

3 抱歉打扰你。

4.Stay out of this matter, please.

4 请别管这事。

5.I'll make it up to you.

5 我会赔偿的。

6.I'm very / really / terribly / awfully / extremely sorry.

6 十分抱歉。

7.Let's forgive and forget.

7 让我们摈弃前嫌。

8.I've heard so much about you!

8 久仰大名!

9.Don't underestimate me.

9 别小看我。

10.She gives me a headache.

10 她让我头疼。

11.You're wasting you breath.

11 你在白费口舌。

12.Don't get on my nerves!

12 不要搅得我心烦。

13.His argument doesn't hold water.

13 他的论点站不住脚。

14.You've got to do something.

14 你一定要想办法。

15.Don't look wise.

15 别自作聪明!

16.You're going too far!

16 你太过分了!

17.Don't bury your head in the sand.

17 不要逃避现实。

18.Nothing works.

18 什么都不对劲儿。

19.Money will come and go.

19 钱乃身外之物。

20.You have my word.

20 我保证。

21.He hit the ceiling at the news.

21 他听到那消息暴跳如雷/大发雷霆。

22.You're too outspoken.

22 你太直率了。

23.Every dog has his day.

23 凡人皆有得意时。

24.Are you out of your mind?

24 你疯了吗?

25.He's been everywhere.

25 他到处都去过了。