Section Ⅱ Use of English   

Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word or phrase for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on ANSWER SHEET 1.   

A webcam is a digital camera that sends video images to other computer users. It’s about the (26) of a golf ball and typically (27) on top of your computer monitor. Once the webcam is (28) to the USB port of your computer with the necessary software, (29) images of you can be sent to one or more users over the Internet (30) an instant messaging(IM) service.   

A webcam costs about $50. More expensive models come with added (31) , such as better picture resolution. Two leading makers, Logitech and Creative, offer a range of models, (32) software is included. There is no extra Internet (33) to send or receive video images, though you’ll have to (34) for a free instant messaging service. Everyone can see and hear one another in (35) time. Grandparents can see their grandkids more (36) Webcams can work with almost any computer bought in the past five years and can (37) long distance phone bills.   

(38) you have broadband, that is, a high-speed cable-modem or DSL connection, images may (39) a long time to download, (40) a slide show rather than a movie. While webcams are easy to link to your computer, learning to (41) the software can take time. You have to make. some rearrangement with the configurations.   

(42) you have a 56k modem and the people you want to (43) won’t mind seeing live shots instead of perfect video, a webcam is still fun, (44) before you buy, be sure everyone, (45) for the same IM service.   

26.A weight  B size  C volume  D space   

27.A rests  B remains  C stays  D sits   

28.A joined  B attached  C connected  D fastened   

29.A live  B living  C lively  D lovely   

30.A via  B with  C from  D in   

31.A devices  B features  C designs  D attachments   

32.A so  B but  C for  D and   

33.A limit  B charge  C registration  D rate   

34.A check in  B log in  C sign up  D draw up   

35.A true  B actual  C genuine  D real   

36.A recently  B frequently  C realistically  D immediately   

37.A reduce  B reform  C remove  D retain   

38.A Although  B Because  C Unless  D Whereas   

39.A waste  B have  C spend  D take   

40.A resembled  B resembling  C to resemble  D resemble   

41.A use  B write  C download  D fix   

42.A because  B though  C if  D unless   

43.A reach  B touch  C know  D show   

44.A nevertheless  B so  C besides  D but   

45.A register  B pays  C seeks  D asks Section