A survey conducted in Tianjin found that 98% of high school students and 92% of elementary school students have to spend most of their weekends doing homework.

Write an essay of about 120 words. You may include the following points:

1. Discuss the negative effects of too much homework on children.

2. Discuss the disadvantages of the present exam-oriented education system.

3. Call for efforts to ease students' burden and help them lead a colorful and enjoyable life.

Too much homework has become a common complaint in high schools and elementary schools. Students have to spend most of their time doing homework, even on weekends. As a result, they have no time for their hobbies, or for their parents or friends. All they do is what they have to do, not what they like to do.

The underlying cause for this phenomenon lies in the present exam-oriented education system. National College Entrance Examination has become the sole focus of teachers, parents, and students themselves. High score becomes the ultimate goal, to the neglect of practical abilities, personality development, and all that.

It is urgent that we deepen our educational reform. We must allow for students' overall development, not just evaluate their test scores.