Dialogues /monologues:

  1、 Do they need long workouts to get the benefit, or will short, intense ones do the trick?
  do the trick:获得成功。
  2、 Bone mass and bone loss.
  Bone mass:骨骼块数;bone loss:骨质疏松
  3、 Immediate effects may show up after a single exposure or repeated exposures.
  4、 Experts found that inhabitants in the three regions have more in common than calories.
  5、 Humans should not try to avoid stress any more than they would keep away from food, love, or exercise. While there is no question that prolonged stress is harmful, several studies suggest that challenging situations in which you’re able to rise to the occasion can be good for you.
  rise to the occasion:应付自如。


  Being young has universal appeal and today people are searching for the qualities that youth comprises good health, mental alertness, physical attractiveness, and vigor—in a word, fitness. Fitness is the magical term that has pervaded our daily lives. Via the media, we are constantly bombarded with suggestions to be slim, do exercise, and feel fit. Many television and radio programs are devoted to fitness information and group exercise. Newspapers and magazines regularly feature columns that present the latest nutritional discoveries and exercise equipment. In fact, it is almost impossible to pick up a general interest magazine and not find the perfect diet and easy exercise programs. Countless books and tapes on fitness are available in bookstores and libraries. The medical profession, too, advocates being slender, doing exercise, and feeling energetic.
  The intense interest in the condition and appearance of the body has generated a steady flow of highly marketable innovations. In fact, consumers spend billions of dollars annually on activities and products in their quest for fitness. Health clubs have come into bud throughout the nation, and many people sigh up for lifetime memberships. Others, who prefer convenience and privacy, set up fitness equipment in their own homes. Many people shop in health food stores for organically growth goods and dietary supplements to add extra vitamins to their diets.
  For many years, it has been the practice of giant corporations to maintain a gym or health club for the exclusive use of their executives. By working out at the gym, or playing tennis, the top people in management could release some of the tensions generated at work. Membership in these corporate facilities was, and still is, a status symbol. Currently, however, a new attitude is emerging. All employees are burdened with tensions and pressures and could benefit from this type of recreation. As a matter of fact, studies contributes is also a financial gain for the company. It therefore is sensible of those major corporations to offer health club memberships to all their employees. This concept is revolutionary, but it is being considered seriously. There is no doubt about it: when people are physically fit, they are at their best. It makes sense to maintain optimum health in order to live life to the fullest.



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