Money worries are keeping more than a third of us awake at night, according to a poll.

Financial woes are more disturbing than concerns about work, relationships, health and even a partner who snores or shifts around too much.

The reasons for being restless emerged in a survey which showed almost three-quarters of Britons struggle to get a good night’s rest.

Sunday is the worst, as we worry about the week ahead, and the most likely time to wake is 2am-3am.

Anxiety about work keeps 30 per cent from slumber, just ahead of being too hot.

Thinking about their love life disrupts a fifth of sleepers, the same proportion who rise to go to the toilet.

A restless partner blights the sleep of three in ten, according to the survey commissioned by Premier Inn hotels.
由英国平价连锁经济型酒店Premier Inn发起的这项调查称,十分之三的睡眠者会因为伴侣的失眠而失眠。

The majority say sleepless nights are caused by things playing on their mind, rather than physical disturbances like annoying car alarms or persistent dog barking.

However, the beeping, flashing or buzzing of mobile phones does cause one in 20 of us to stir from our slumber.

Of the 2,000 adults surveyed, over a quarter said they couldn't nod off if they are too hot, while 16 per cent claim they wake up if it's too cold.

Claire Haigh, spokeswoman for Premier Inn, said: 'Sadly, most of us suffer from sleepless nights at some point in our lives.
Premier Inn酒店的发言人克莱尔海格坦言:“不幸的是,我们大部分人都会在人生的某个时候或阶段经历痛苦难熬的失眠之夜。”

'It can be extremely frustrating when something is playing on your mind and it makes it hard to drop off.

'The fact people have stated money and finances as the top reason for a restless night's sleep is a real reflection of the tough economic climate.

'Dwelling on things at night when you are already tired can make things seem a lot worse than they are. It is important to relax and switch off before bed so we get the good night's sleep we need.'