Unit 7

1. modernize 2. interpret 3. distributing 4. punctually 5. conservation
6. maximum 7. exported 8. conquer 9. classification 10. recreation
IV 1. by name 2. in high gear 3. turned out 4. At times 5. as to
6. stem from 7. put in 8. on the subject of 9. in the interest of 10. work on

1. life 2. economy 3. conversation 4. politics 5. country
6. garden 7. industry 8. literature 9. interview 10. meetings

1. seaward: going toward the sea
2. backward: directed toward the back, the beginning, or the past; returning; behind in development
3. earthward: toward the earth
4. outward: toward the outside; away; on the outside, appearing to be true but perhaps not really
5. southward: going toward the south
6. northward: going toward the north
7. homeward: going toward home
8. inward: moving toward the inside; on the inside; of the mind or spirit

1. interchangeable 2. intermingle 3. interconnected 4. interdependent
5. interplay 6. intermarriage 7. interpersonal 8. interactive

1. As to what actually happened to the headquarters
2. As to where I should go to further my study
3. as to how different they are and why we want to keep them both
4. as to whether or nor I should remain at the college working as a teaching assistant
5. as to whether the old hard ware is to be replaced by new hardware
X 1. There is no use trying to help those who do not help themselves
2. it is no good trying to solve the issue between the nations by means of war
3. There is no sense refusing to accept it
4. There is no point in having a load of money
5. there is no harm in spending some time thinking about what sort of career you might wish to
37. An interesting question therefore remains as to how far Microsoft can go with Gates as its
38. There ’ s/It ’ s no use complaining since nothing ever changes as the result of a complaint.
What ’ s important is to take measures to prevent similar events from happiness.
39. Learn to accept the fact that some people you thought were friends turn out to be enemies.
40. As you would expect from the book ’ s title, there are many references to what kind of man
Gates is.
41. The prosperity of the company stems from hardworking and thrifty of the entire staff.
42. He said nothing at all on the subject of the play which was put on for the first time Saturday
1 . 至于那天晚上他是怎么死的,事实上我无法解释,而且也许不会有任何可能的解释了。
2 .做了一件事然后说自己本来不想那样做是没有用的;如果你不想做,你就不会做了。
3 .微软公司正在研究降低其产品成本的方法,以便发展中国家的人也能买得起。
4 .苹果公司也愿意将其部分软件与微软公司的产品捆绑在一起,以促进其销售。
5 .与评价父亲不同,人们评价母亲依据的是其为母之道的成功或失败。 一切都取决于孩子最终成为什么样的人。
6 .人们会发现这个网站很有价值,因为我们投入了大量时间准备网站的信息。
1 A 2 B 3 C 4 B 5 A 6 D 7 B 8 D 9 C 10 A 11 D 12 B 13 D
14 C 15 A 16 C 17 D 18 C 19 A 20 D