Unit 4
1. inspected 2. assembled 3. exaggerated 4. versions 5. universal
6. approved 7. recruit 8. evolved 9. dedicated 10. solemn
IV 1. worked on 2. approve of 3. went ahead 4. for sale 5. come up with
6. refashioned into 7. rise to fame 8. captures my attention 9. evolved from
10. named after

1. respect 2. influence 3. credit 4. confidence 5. support
6. acceptance 7. fame 8. insight 9. recognition 10. experience

1. intelligence 2. consequence 3. significance 4. ignorance
5. indifference 6. competence 7. brilliance 8. magnificence

1. coexists 2. co-director 3. cooperate 4. co-pilot 5. co-author
IX 1. Jimmy walked slowly to the corner of the playground, his face covered with tears.
2. The taxi sped away, its lights disappearing into the distance.
3. Their stomachs crying for food, their back burning from too much sun, both boys gathered their
things and headed for home.
4. Barbara just lay there, her mouth trembling, her eyes unfocused, unable to say a word.
5. Then the two players let him fall to the track, his chest landing first, his head following,
bouncing, and finally lying still.

1. Most snakes, although with a threatening appearance, aren ’t really dangerous if you leave them
2. Women, even though with the same abilities, have failed to approach the income of men.
3. Though with a severe lack of coal, the principle was not forced to close the school.
4. She is capable of making complete French meals even though with no cheese after salad.
5. When in doubt about the result of your test, call the test office.

19. Everything considered, this city is the world ’ s most exciting city.
20. Though with no approval from his parents, he went ahead with his plan to study abroad.
21. The bridge was named after the hero who gave his life for the cause of people.
22. It is said that the painter used his mother as the model in the painting whose face represented
suffering yet strength.
23. The writer instantly rose to fame in 1950 with the publication of a novel inspired by his
experience with a girl on a farm.
24. One story says that “ US ” was short for “ Uncle Sam ” whose real name was Sam Wilson, who
had once worked with a man who had signed a contract with the government to provide meat to
the US Army.

1. 这副画上一个神色严肃的画家的牙医和姐姐。
2 .公司的申请书,不管是代表自己还是代表他人,都应该有官员的签名。
3 .做了脱口秀之后,约而不只是向他们提供信息。
4 .尽管有些人不赞同,可市领导还是决定实施这个计划,在湖边建造两个五星级宾馆,以吸引更多的游客。
5 .那位著名画家去世了,曾经给他当模特的妻子立即担任了他装潢公司的总经理职务。
6 .宴会上,他们的衣着都很华丽,但吸引我注意力的却是他们的交谈方式,使得我很想和他们交谈。

1 A 2 C 3 B 4 D 5 B 6 D 7 A 8 C 9 A 10 B 11 A 12 C 13 A 14 C 15 C
16 A 17 D 18 D 19 A 20 D