41. The reporters exposed the corruption of several senior officers in the government; consequently, these officers____to resign from office.
A. have asked B. were asked
C. had asked D. had been asked

42. The train____ at the present speed until it reaches the nextcity at about seven o’clock this evening.
A. will be going B. went C. would go D. went

43. Such____the case, there are no grounds to justify your complaints.
A. was B. is C. is being D. being

44. I beg____ your nephew’s wedding.
A. to be excused B. to be excused from
C. to excuse from D. to be excused to

45. The only candidate____ can hope to defeat him is quit now.
A. who B. which C. that D. when

46. Humble____ it may be, there’s no place like home, ____he may go.
A. like, when B. as, wherever C. although, where D. which, wherever

47. He ought to attend the meeting,____?
A. should he B. ought he C. shouldn’t he D. oughtn’t he

48. Mary is 18 years old this year; she ____19 next year.
A. will be B. is to be C. is going to be D. should be

49.Though it was late in the night,____ he continued to work vigorously.
A. but B. yet C. and D. that

50. The doctor advised him to stay in bed, saying he was much____.
A. ill enough B. too ill C. so ill D. very ill

51. I was ____ study French yesterday, but I changed my mind.
A. to be starting B. to start
C. to have started D. to have been starting

52. You’d rather go to theater with him this evening, ____?
A. are you B. hadn’t you C. isn’t it D. wouldn’t you

53. ____that the formation of the sun, the planets, and other stars began with the condensation of an interstellar gas cloud.
A. It is believed B. Believing C. Being believed D. To believe

54. One of the most spectacular qualities of man is notably his____ to any kind of natural environment.
A. tendency B. adoptability C. adaptability
D. availability

55. I’m in no____now to go to concert with you.
A. mood B. intention C. emotion D. sense

56. The judger doesn’t know whether the witness is telling the truth, but he will ____it.
A. identify B. enforce C. distinguish D. verify

57. Before the plane ____, the pilot bailed out.
A. clashed B. crashed C. smashed D. struck

58. Doctors often make higher ____ for their works than they should.
A. charges B. bills C. costs D. payments

59. Most of the earliest____into America came from Europe.
A. migrants B. emigrants C. immigrants D. inhabitants

60. His name was on the____of my tongue, but I just couldn’t remember.
A. edge B. rim C. border D. tip

61. I caught a____ of the name of the book before she put it into the drawer.
A. glimpse B. glance C. sight D. stare

62. Once you become a soldier, you will be given a monthly____by the army.
A. income B. allowance C. wage D. salary

63. I called at his house but was refused____.
A. admission B. access C. reception D. admittance

64. All too____it was time to go back to school after the Spring Festival.
A. quick B. soon C. fast D. speedy

65. He handled the company in____with his brother.
A. combination B. mixture C. collaboration D. association