Food pictures that you display on Instagram can look more stylish if you follow our tips. There are a few ways to help you make your food shots more unique.

1. Styling accompanied by a story

Before you take a picture, think about it and decide what it is that you can tell your followers about it. Some might want to tell about the person who is eating the dish. Whether it’s your first meal at a Chinese restaurant or a birthday party at a cozy cafeteria, describe the surroundings and background as well as the reason that made you choose the food in the picture.

2. Opt for natural lighting

Flash is not as flattering as natural light. The latter makes pictures look much better. The only problem is that you can hardly find natural light in bars, cafes and restaurants. What you can do is to take your dish and walk over to a window. If you are having your lunch or dinner outside, remember to find a place with shadow since direct sunlight casts shadows on food and other items.

3. Pick your perspective

Choose the right perspective. One of the best positions is shooting from the top down. This is how you’ll show the whole table. You might sometimes need to climb on a chair to take that perfect shot! Eye level shots look irresistible. You may try and hold your dish out in front of you. Do not hesitate to ask a random person to stand behind you and take the shot for you. Vertical pictures are also worth your attention.

4. Go beyond the Instagram filter

Use special apps to keep your pictures bright. Experiment a bit and see which app is your favorite. Use various filters and tools to make your shots more attractive. Adjust the brightness. Try out a different contrast.