Art can be many things - sometimes beautiful, sometimes baffling though rarely is it edible. But now an artist from Tewkesbury has been making sculptures out of cheddar cheese. Simon Vigar went to see the fromage faces.

切达奶酪(Cheddar) 切达奶酪是世界上最受欢迎的奶酪之一,质地较软,颜色从白色到浅黄不等,味道也因为储藏时间长短而不同,有的微甜(9个月)、有的味道比较重(24个月)。切达奶酪很容易被融化,所以也可以作为调料使用。 

The Mona Cheesa? Obama in bangers? Kellie on a pancake? Art really is eating itself. Something big was happening at this studio in deepest Gloucestershire.

Yes, she's making cheery coal, or cheddar coal.

词汇解析:Mona Lisa + Cheese = Mona Cheesa


Prudence Staite is the country's leading food artist. 

"Prudence, how on earth did you get involved with this?"

"Well, for me, i want art to be something you can sort of interact with directly, like biting it ultimately digesting it. And it was really during my degree that, i got bored of traditional media,i want to work with chocolate, sugar and now cheese."

It's not just cheese, she's done Jonathan Ross in Chocloate, the PM on the pancake, and a cheesy bust of Barack.

"Has anybody got the cheese of what you are doing?"

"Not yet, but for myself, the smell of cheese is very interesting. It's kind of the state of me for the last three weeks. But cheese and choclate are really a combination."

Business is booming, one big department store has ordered loads of real chocolate teapots, it's possible I was getting in the way. And Prudence started working for what she called a special pizza.

"It's a funny operation. She's got somebody's cheesy head in the freezer."

Remind you of any one?

"Thanks very much indeed, Prudence, that's absolutely..."

"Wait up, this is for you."

"Right! Thanks very much! Let's take in the pizza."