Wish,if only和as if经常用于虚拟语气中,那么具体该怎么使用呢?请看例句:


1. I wish I could pass the exam. 我希望我能通过考试。

2. I wish she had been of my own station. 如果她和我的身份一样就好了。

3. I wish the children would stop flinging their clothes about, but put them away tidily. 但愿孩子们不再乱扔衣服,而是把它们整齐地存放起来。

4. He wished that he had practised the routines. 他希望他已经处理完日常工作了。

(2)if only同wish一样表示愿望,主要为难以实现的愿望。

1. The snow was soft and deep outside. If only he could get out to try his new sled. 外头的雪下得柔软又深厚,如果他能出去试试他的新雪橇该多好啊。

2. If only they would tell me what they've decided. 但愿他们能把决定告诉我。

3. If only it were possible for me to see her once more! 但愿我还能再看见她一次。

4. If only he would lend support to you! 但愿他能给予你支持!

5. If only she would pass the English examination! 但愿她能通过英语考试!

6. If only I could get a ticket to the concert. 但愿我能够买到音乐会的门票。

(3)as if表示说话人对当时的情况表示怀疑,认为其不真实或极少概率发生。

1. It looks as if it were in print. 看样子它是根深蒂固的。

2. She nurtured the child as if he had been her own. 她把那孩子当作自己的来养育。

3. He comported himself as if he had already been elected. 他表现出好像他已经当选了似的。

4. As if he could right the wrongs of the past by his own personal dedication to the cause. 好象通过把他个人奉献给这个事业,就能纠正过去所犯的错误。

5. It seemed to his imagination as if all her sweetness and vitality had flown. 他觉得仿佛她的可爱和活力已全化为乌有了。

6. It was as if all the circuits inside her had already closed down, were preparing for the darkness of death. 好象她内部的所有电路都关闭了,正准备等待死亡的来临。


Wish大家一定都不陌生了,而if only和as if从意思上来看也不难理解,这里要注意的是if only一般独立使用,是没有主句搭配的。