Twitter user Yuki took a selfie in front of a portrait, which showcased her resemblance to a 'Mongolian princess', and shared it on the social media site.

The post from the Japanese student, who has less than 1,000 followers, was a surprise hit and has been retweeted around 50,000 times since it was posted on Saturday.

Yuki traveled to Taiwan on a class trip that included a visit to the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

When she went to the exhibition 'Elegant Gathering of the Princess: The Culture of Appreciating and Collecting Art at the Mongol Yuan Court,' she noticed a familiar face.

It was a Mongolian princess from the Yuan Dynasty, which was officially established by conqueror Kublai Khan in 1271 and lasted until 1368.

The princess bore a striking resemblance to the girl, who took a selfie and then shared a laugh about it with friends.

Yuki, however, is not the only person to resemble a famous Chinese person and similar photographs also resurfaced on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Many were of ordinary people posing next to historical paintings or statues but some also featured Chinese Olympic athletes.