11. I knew I shouldn’t accept anything from such a person, but I found it difficult to turn down his _____.

  A. offer B. suggestion C. request D. plan

12.________it is to gather with President Bush at such a special Thanksgiving Day in Iraq!

  A. what a fun B. what fun C. how fun D. what joy

13. Oh., John________ you gave us!

  A. How a great surprise B. how pleasant surprise

  C. what a pleasant surprise D. what pleasant surprise

14 He is________ as a leader but he hasn’t________ in teaching.

  A. success; many experiences B. a success; much experience

  C. great success; an experience D. a great success; a lot of experiences

15 —Who did you spend last weekend with?


  A. Palmer’s B. The Palmers’ C. The Palmers D. The Palmer’s

16.Whose bike is it ? It’s ____________
     A. John    B. John’s     C. Johns’     D. Johns

17.I’ll give you ________to finish the work. OK.
    A. two week’s time     B. two weeks’ time     C. two week time       D. two weeks time 

18.________ desk is the cleanest in the classroom. 
   A. Ann’s and Tom     B. Ann and Tom’s      C. Ann and Tom     D. Ann’s and Tom’s
     11. A。表示主动提供的东西,用offer。

  12. B。抽象名词表泛指时一般不与冠词连用。

  13. C。抽象名词有前置或后置修饰语时,前面用不定冠词,使之具体化; 如:A. happy life / a good education in that university / a wide knowledge of nature

  14. B。表具有某种特性、状态、特点、情感、情緒的人和事;如:She is a success in cause but a failure in marriage.(成功者、失败者)

  15. C。表示Palmer一家人,指一家人时常用the +姓氏的复数。

      16. B