1.----How’s Joy’s skirt? 
----Her skirt is more beautiful than ________.
 A.her sister’s and Kate   B.her sister and Kate    C.her sister and Kate’s    D.her sister’s and Kate’s 

2.This is _______ room. The twin sisters like it very much.
 A.Lucy’s and Lily’s   B.Lucy’s and Lily    C.Lucy and Lily’s 
3.In ______ time, those mountains will be covered with trees, too. 
 A.few years      B.a few years’  C.a few year     D.a few year’s                        
4.We will have a ___________holiday after the exam. 
 A. two month     B. two–month  C. two month’s    D. two–months
5.Did you hear the ___________report? 
A. policemen    B. policemen’s   C. policemens’    D. policemens
6.It’s about __________walk from my home.                          
 A. ten minute   B. ten minutes’    C. ten minute’s    D. ten minutes  
7.This is my dress. That one is ______________.
A. Mary    B. Mary’s      C. sister     D. mother 
8.Every morning Mr. Smith takes a ________ to his office. 
A. 20 minutes walk  B. 20 minute’s walk  C. 20-minutes walk  D. 20-minute walk   
9.Where is ___________ sweater ? I can’t see it.    
 A. Lucy    B. Lucys    C. Lucy’s          
10.__________ mothers made them have piano lessons. 
A. Peter and Anne      B. Peter’s and Anne’s    C. Peter’s and Anne     D. Peter and Anne’s
 1-5 DCBBB      6-10 BBDCB