61.Accurate ______ covering the fact are not obtainable.
a.        datum    b. datums    c. data     d. datas 

62.On Monday morning some teachers exchanged a few ______.
a.        how-are-yous              c. how-are-you’s b.        of how-are-you’s           d. of how are you
63.Albert said he met the girl ______ 
a.        at his uncle’s Smith room       c. at his uncle Smith’s room 
b.        at Smith’s his uncle’s room      d. at the room of his uncle’s Smith’s
64.It is four months since I last saw Keats ______.  
a.        at Mrt Smith’s ,the book seller      c. at my aunt’s, a book seller
b.        at my aunt’s, Mrs Palmer’s         d. at Mrs Palmer’s, the book seller’s
65.This room is ______.  
a.        the editor’s-in-chief’s office           c. the editor-in-chief’s office
b.        the editor-in-chief office              d. the editor’s-in-chief office
66.My old classmate, Comrade Sun ,works at ______.
a.        a teacher college          c. a teacher’s college
b.        a teachers’s college        d. a college of a teacher’s
67.The policemen put the criminal ______. 
a.        in a iron    b. into a iron    c. in irons    d. into a pair of iron
68.Our teacher gave me ______. 
a.        an advice    b. the advice    c. many advice    d. much advice
69.My mother cut the cloth with ______ scissors.
 a.        a     b. two    c. a couple of    d. a pair of
70.My house is within ______ from the railway station. 
a. a stone’s throw    b. a throw of a stone    c. stone’s throw    d. the stone’s throw