11.He invited all of his ______ to join his wedding party.
 a.comrade-in-arms            c. comrades-in-arm
 b.comrades-in-arms            d. comrade-in-arm

12.All the ______ in the hospital got a rise last month.
 a.women doctors               c. woman doctors
 b.women doctor                d. woman doctor

13.After ten years, all these youngsters became_____.
 a.growns-ups                     c. growns-up 
b.grown-up                       d. grown-ups 

14.The police investigated those _____ about the accident.
 a.stander-by                 c. standers-by
 b.stander-bys                d. standers-bys 
15.The Nazi kept those ______ in their concentration camp.
a.prisoner-of-wars               c. prisoners-of-war
b.prisoners-of-wars               d. prisoner-of-war 
16.The manager was greatly appreciate that _____ made by Linda lately.
 a.new reel    b. news reel    c. new-reels    d. news reels
17.Mary’s dress is similar in appearance to her ______. 
  a. elder sister    b. elder sister’s    c. elder sisters    d. elder sisters dress
18.All the people at the conference are ______.    
a. mathematic teachers   c. mathematics teacher b.mathematics teachers  d. mathematic’s teachers 
19.Professor Mackay told us that ______ of lead are its softness and its resistance.
 a.some property         c. properties
 b.some properties        d. property
20.Physics _____ with matter and motion.
a.deal    b. deals    c. dealing    d. are 
  1-5 CADBB    6-10 BBCCB