,____ should not become a serious disadvantage in life and work. 
A, To be not tall       B, Not to be tall      C, Being not tall       D, Not being tall 

2,I never regretted ___ the offer, for it was not where my interest lay.
A, not to accept         B, not having accepted
C, having not accepted    D, not accepted 
3,____, he can now only watch it on TV at home. 
A, Obtaining not a ticket for the match         B, Not obtaining a ticket for the match  
C, Not having obtained a ticked for a match     D, Not obtained a ticket for a match
4,It is not uncommon for there __ problems of communication between the old and the young. 
A, being      B, would be      C, be      D, to be  
5, ____ at in his way, the situation doesn't seem so desperate. 
A, Looking      B, Looked      C, Being looked    D, To look
6, There are only ten apples left in the baskets, ____. 
A, not counting      B, not to count      C, Being cooked     D, having not cooked
7, The meeting was put off because we ____ a meeting without John.
A, objected having       B, were objected to having
C, objected to have       D, objected to having 
8, Time __B__, the celebration will be held as scheduled. 
A, permit      B, permitting      C, permitted      D, permits 
9, There ____ nothing more for discussion, the meeting came to an end half an hour earlier.
A, to be      B, to have been      C, being     D, be  
10, ____ enough time and money, the researchers would have been able to discover more in this field. 
A, Giving       B, To give       C, Given      D, Being given 
解析:to regret doing sth 表示后悔做过某事,即某事已经发生了;to regret to do sth 表示对某事感到遗憾。联系句意可排除A,由于regret 后的内容并不强调事情发生的时间,所以排除B,C选择D 
3. 本文主语he和谓语之间是逻辑上的关系,因此是现在分词短语做原因状语。