crew 组员

acrobatic 杂技

unveil 揭开谜底

splendid 华丽的

prop 道具

Spring Festival gala 春晚

rehearsal 排练

magician 魔术师

Liu performs magic agian at this year's gala.

Young magician Liu Qian, who earned superstar status for his unbelievable performance last year's gala,performs again this year, and he reveals this time his magic show will be more stunning.

Liu Qian, magician, said, In the past, the audience sees the magician standing in a faraway place, using a lot of splendid props. Nowadays, I think there should be some changes.

Liu Qian and the directing crew of the magic section are considering different ways that Liu will perform his magic.They will decide which plan will be finally used, based on audience reaction to rehearsals.

Jin Qiu, director of magic acrobatic section, said, "Liu has prepared three plans for his show. I think all of them are miraculous, even after I've watched them many times. So I think the audience will think so too, when they first see it."

Liu says in one plan he will not even use his hands. He will also wield his magic with audience members standing around him. Liu's magicis one of the most anticipated shows during the night.