Section A
26. [O] vanished
27. [M] undergone
28. [D] expanding
29. [K] survived
30. [H] process
31. [L] terminals
32. [E] industrialized
33. [F] perceived
34. [B] conveniences
35. [G] practice
Section B
Countries Rush for Upper Hand in Antarctica
36. [J]
37. [C]
38. [E]
39. [G]
40. [D]
41. [I]
42. [B]
43. [H]
44. [Q]
45. [L]
Section C
passage one
46. [D] It has little impact on their decision whether or not to quit smoking.
47. [A] Pass a law to standardise cigarette packaging.
48. [B] The number of smokes has dropped more sharply than in the UK.
49. [A] Prime Minister Cameron has been reluctant to take action.
50. [C] They made more British people obese.
passage two
51. [A] It is worthwhile after all.
52. [D] Most of them take jobs which don't require a college degree.
53. [C] Interactions among themselves outside the classroom.
54. [B] Meting people who will be helpful to you in the future.
55. [D] The prestige of the university influences employers' recruitment decisions.