a)动词+ from

  come from来自,date from追溯, depart from违背, die from死于, escape from逃出,fall from自…跌落, hang from垂挂, hear from收到来信,learn from向某人学习, return from自某地返回,rise from自…冒出, result from起因于, suffer from忍受。

  b)动词+ sth./sb. +from + sth./ sb. /a place

  borrow from向…借, choose from选自, excuse from免除, keep from阻止做,prevent from不准做, protect from不受…之害, receive from收到,remove from移动;除去, save from保全;拯救, separate from分离开来,stop from阻止。

  2. be +形容词+ from

  be absent from缺席,be different from与众不同, be far from更不用说, be hidden from躲避,be made from用…制成, be tired from因…而疲倦。


  from bad to worse每况愈下,from beginning to end自始至终,from cover to cover从头到尾,from China to Peru到处,from day to day一天一天地,from door to door挨家挨户,from end to end从头至尾,from first to last自始至终,from hand to mouth勉强糊家,from head to foot从头到脚,from mouth to mouth广泛流传,from sun to sun从日出到日落,from start to finish从头开始,from top to toe从头到脚,from time to time不时地,from top to bottom彻底地。