a)动词+ in

  believe in信任, break in碎成,bring in引起;产生;带来, call in下令收回, fill in填充,get in收获, hand in上缴, involve in涉及, lie in在于, result in导致, share in共享,succeed in成功, take in卷起;订阅, turn in归还当局。

  b)动词+sb./time/money+ in

  help sb. in帮助某人做某事, spare time/money in匀出时间或钱做某事,spend time/money in花时间或钱做某事,waste time/money in浪费时间或钱做某事。

  2. be +形容词+ in

  be active in活跃于,be absorbed in专心致志, be busy in忙碌, be born in出生于,be concerned in牵涉, be clothed in穿着, be disappointed in对…失望,be diligent in勤于, be experienced in在…有经验, be employed in任职于,be engaged in忙碌, be expert in某方面的专家, be excellent in在…优秀,be interested in对…有兴趣, be lacking in缺乏, be rich in富有,be slow in迟缓, be successful in在某方面成功, be skilled in精于,be strict in严于, be weak in弱于。

  3. in +名词

  in advance提前,in all总共,in balance总而言之,in bed卧床,in body亲自,in brief简明扼要,in case万一, in charge主管,in danger有危险, in debt负债, in despair失望,in force大量地;有效,in full全部地, in flower开花,in general一般说来,in itself本身, in love恋爱, in order井然有序, in person亲自,in public公开地, in progress有进展, in practice从实践上看, in rags穿着破衣,in research探索, in return作为报答,in ruins一片废墟,in short总之,in theory从理论上看, in trouble有麻烦, in tears眼泪汪汪,in time及时, in turn按顺序, in vain白白地,in view看得见。