In recent years,the office medias have pointed out that students’ time spend in the library dropped tremendously from 30 hours a week to about 10 hours a week,while their time spend on the E-books soared from 15 hours a week to 28 hours a week.
    There are probably a variety of reasons for this phenomenon.On the one hand,as smart phones and other mobile devices spread,people have been hooked on everything related to digital technology,paper books are increasingly replaced by digital ones. On the other hand,in this fast-paced culture, it enables people to get E-books more quickly and easily,and to carry more than one book by just one device.Digital books make it possible to read in pieces of time and to gain much more information and knowledge. 
    But E-books just like a two-edge-knife ,it has some disadvantages.First of all,reading on digital devices can lead to distractions,which will reduce immersive reading time and nagatively affect reading quality.What’s more,the inconvenience of making notes make it impossible for readers to achieve critical understanding as well as deep thinking.
    According to the previous discussions,we can come to the conclusion that much attention should be given to students’ choice.On its own,digital book is neither good or nor bad;it depend on how students use it. 
    It is unwise to leave print books in the dust,which have their irreplaceable value.
    If students could avoid the disadvantages of the E-book and seek its advantages ,they will spend their life fruitfully and meaningfully.
    Meanwhile customers are flocking to all flavors of the Kindle as e-books rapidly take the place of bound books.
    Soon the e-book market may overtake the other.