Helping others has always been a traditional Chinese culture.But nowadays it is strange that people dare not give their helping hands to those in need.We've all heard story.An allegory goes that in hell,people are emaciated around the table because the spoon is so long and everyone s just concerned with feeding themselves while in heaven with the same kind of spoon,people are full and happy because they feed each other.
    This story is quite thought-provoking.It focus us to rethink our degrading moral sense and whether we should always help others.Though helping others,people tend to have higher mental well-being and happiness,which not only improves physical health but also facilitates personal growth and development.Apart from that,when you help other people get what they want, they will be more willing to help you.It is more likely to establish a harmonious interpersonal relationship and help create a good social climate.
    All in all,helping people in need should be advocated since it is always consider as a traditional virtue.Helping others is very often the best way to help yourself.No matter what the motivation is,donating time and energy to others can take you out of yourself.
It was from this incident that I felt the happiness to help others. 
You help because you think you should, not because it is a joyful part of your being.
My daily obligation is to help others and improve myself!