We all know that books are a source of knowledge.But there are those who think what the book contains must be right.It is stupid to follow the books without any thinking.As the old saying goes,to believe everything in books is worse than to have no books at all. 
    At present, to meet the needs of various tests, the method of memorizing mechanically is still current and the habit of bookish study is still popular in the course of education.Students tend to take it for granted that the all the information revealed by books.If we fully trust what books say,we may get the wrong or one-sided information.What’s more,the theory in books is not always suitable for the real situation.It may bring about unnecessary trouble to us with being analyzed.It is very important for us to develop our ability too think independently, rather than blindly accepting everything in books.
    In conclusion,we should keep it in mind that to learn in a mechanical way does no good to our study.We can not merely copy the book theory without our own thinking.
    I think students should play more, make more friends, to increase more experience, but not to be a bookworm. 
    Books are a source of knowledge and knowledge is strength. 
    The source of knowledge is not exclusively from the teacher and the textbook.