Demand 需要;(坚决的)要求;所需之物;请求;询问
Demand (for sth/that…)(坚决的)要求;所需之物
demand (of sth);demand (on sb)(尤指困难、使人劳累、令人担忧等的)要求
demand (for sth/sb)(顾客的)需求,需要
demand of v. 要求;向…索取
demand for 对…的需求
market demand 市场需求
supply and demand 供应与需求
meet the demand 满足需要,满足要求;符合要求
Demand to do sth 例如:
1.The demand side of any marketplace is dictated by the tastes and incomes of the users of final products.
2.The photoelectric effect and the Compton effect, then, both seem to demand a return to a corpuscular theory of light.
3.To get out of the basic aggregate-demand dilemma, a country must either give up one of the two goals or add more policy tools.
4.There would be a set of equations relating supply and demand for each product to incomes and prices.
5.This demand for digital implementations has created a need for a book that treats the subject with a broader viewpoint.
6.Redmond had been firm in repeating his original demand for two thousand dollars in exchange for documents he claimed to have.
7.Malthus, indeed, had vehemently opposed Ricardo's doctrine that it was impossible for effective demand to be deficient; but vainly.
8.He determined to revisit the scene of the last evening's gambol, and, if he met with any of the party, to demand his dog and gun.
9.But actually how much demand does China have?
10.All of us demand of him whether he had heard from her recently.