There is an old saying,”What are caught, what are missing.”It is the experience of our forefathers;however,it is correct in many cases even today.Due to the growing pace of life,we often find ourselves overwhelmed by multiple tasks.As our time and energy are limited,to concentrate on a single task at a time seems quite important.This tries to remind people of the crucial importance of full dedication to one goal.One hundred percent dedication and years of commitment to the one single goal are the keystones of one’s great achievement.
    In fact,whatever we do,it is beneficial for us to focus on one thing.On the one hand,focusing on one goal at a time plays a vital role in improving our working efficiency.The more we are absorbed in our life,the more productive we’ll be.On the other hand,if we split our attention on multiple goals at a time,we can’t fully throw ourselves into any one,and in turn it will take longer time to accomplish what we set out to do.
    Above all,the road to success is always full of pitfalls and setbacks and only with determination and dedication can one survive all these stumbling blocks and march on for the rosy end.If not dedicated to one rabbit,but distracted by many,you will get none.If you want to get everywhere,you may end nowhere.
  Continuously aim let me get more concentrated and more unremitting.
   we should do love a single-minded line. 
  with concentrated attention