1. As soon as he comes back, I’ll tell him when ____ and see him. (2005北京)
A. you will come B. will you come C. you come D. do you come
[答案] A
[解析] 下划线处是when引导的宾语从句的一部分, 应采用正常陈述句的语序。

2.Information has been put forward ____ more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities.
A.while B. that C. when D. As
[答案] B

3.This is ___the shenzhou V Spaceship landed.
A.there B. in which C. where D. When
[答案] C

4.They have no idea at all____.
A.where he has gone B. where did he go
C. which place has he gone D. where has he gone
[答案] A

5. Someone is ringing the doorbell. Go and see ____. (2000上海)
A. who is he B. who he is C. who is it D. who it is
[答案] D
[解析] 下划线处是充当see的宾语的名词性从句, 应采用“引导词+正常陈述句语序”的基本形式, 又因为谈到不确定的人时通常用it指代, 所以本题应选D。

6. Obviously___ we do morning exercises every day ___ us good.
A. that do B. if; do C what; does D. that; dose
[答案] D

7. You can only be sure of ____ you have at present: you cannot be sure of something ____ you might get in the future. (2007安徽)
A. that; what B. what; 不填 C. which; that D. 不填; that
[答案] B
[解析] 第一个下划线处应填入一个可以引导of的宾语从句泛指“你现在所拥有的东西”且在该宾语从句内部充当have的宾语的词, 这样的引导词只能是what, 由此可以直接排除选项A、 C、 D而选出B。
8. It is generally considered unwise to give a child ____ he or she wants. (1997)
A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever
[答案] B
[解析] whatever在这里的用法跟关系代词型的what一样, 其引导的名词性从句“whatever he or she wants”泛指一个孩子想要的任何东西。

9. It was a matter of ____ would take the position. (1998上海)
A. who B. whoever C. whom D. whomever
[答案] A
[解析] 下划线处的引导词所引导的名词性从句充当介词of的宾语, 在其引导的宾语从句内部充当的是主语(通常用who指代)而不是宾语(通常用whom指代), 而且题干中没有提供强调“任何人”的语境, 因此应填入引导词who。

10.If you know___ it was that write A Tale of Two Cities, raise your hand.
A. whom B. which C. who D. that
[答案] C

11. Can you make sure ____ the gold ring? (1990)
A. where Alice had put B. where had Alice put
C. where Alice has put D. where has Alice put
[答案] C
[解析] 下划线处是充当宾语的名词性从句, 应采用“引导词+正常陈述句语序”的基本形式。

12. Could I speak to ____ is in charge of International Sales, please? (2007山东)
A. anyone B. someone C. whoever D. no matter who
[答案] C
[解析] 下划线处引导speak to之后的宾语从句, 表示“(负责国际销售的)任何人”, 四个选项中只有whoever适合。