The Victoria's Secret Angels and models may have some of the most sculpted physiques in fashion, but that doesn't come without a lot of hard work. Exercise routines are amped up, personal trainers hired and lazy weekends a thing of the past - when you are appearing in lingerie in front of hundreds of cameras, you put in that little bit of extra effort. Here, we asked the models what they do to stay toned, honed and slender for the show each year. It isn't easy being an Angel, it seems.

Adriana Lima

"I do lots of jumping rope for about a month and a half before the show. I have been doing boxing for over 10 years – it’s a passion of mine. Since you’re not wearing much and you’re on television, you have to pay attention to different areas! I do try to work out every day before the show."

Lily Aldridge

"I do Ballet Beautiful all year round, but amp it up for the show."

Jasmine Tookes

"I stay fit all year round but start to work out a couple more times per week in the month leading up to the show. I love doing squats! I've also been doing the P90x workout - it's such a great workout. I like to work out seven days a week before the show, whereas I’d normally do three."

Alessandra Ambrosio

"I do the Brazil Butt Lift class. I think I’m in better shape now than I was 10 years ago, but it takes a bigger toll – I get back pain!”

Josephine Skriver

"As a model you need to be in shape all year round, but I do amp up more for the Victoria's Secret show - usually less cardio but more toning. So a lot of boxing at Gotham Gym in New York."

Joan Smalls

"For Victoria's Secret I work out more than usual - push myself a bit harder. I do Muay Thai kickboxing, and pilates too."

Devon Windsor

"I do lots of Pilates and some shadow boxing, jumping rope. I’ve tried every workout class in New York City. Going to the gym and running on the treadmill is not for me. So yoga, boxing, everything, but mainly a mix of toning and cardio."

Ming Xi

"I have a private coach so I can do different exercise every day – we spend an hour in the gym every day before the show so we have to keep it varied."

Cindy Bruna

"It’s hard work, getting in shape for Victoria’s Secret. I have a personal trainer so it's workouts every day at the gym in the weeks before!"

Elsa Hosk

"Before the show I do a lot of boxing and this class called Flybar which is great for toning, tightening, lengthening - a good complement to boxing as that’s high-intensity cardio."